Our Story  

Greg and I met while I was still in high school! He was starting a "metal" band, and my best friend became the drummer.  My friend told me about him, and told him about me, and once we checked out each other's xangas (seriously) we formally introduced ourselves.... on aim.

After finding out he could quote Ferris Bueller's Day Off as much as I could, I decided it was time to meet this guy.  We met at a local show and have been together ever since!

We both attended Kutztown University, where I became fairly proficient at writing Art History papers, and he became proficient at designing children's typefaces for my many, many portfolios! Clearly..... we're an awesome team.

Currently we live in Philadelphia and he works as a graphic designer and I'm working as an early childhood teacher! We spend most of our time talking about Lost, discussing how awesome our cats are, enjoying music, movies, and most of all our friends! We're also trying to find the motivation to finish our children's book!

By the way, enjoy the first photo of us ever: